May 5, 2018

Air Conditioning Light Commercial

Commercial Air Conditioning and Heating System Installations

In general, light commercial cooling and heating systems range from 5-15 tons in capacity. The load requirements in two commercial buildings with the same square footage can be dramatically different depending on occupancy rates and generated process heat. That’s why it’s essential that your HVAC contractor runs a full set of load calculations to ensure the equipment has enough capacity to keep your customers and employees comfortable in all conditions.

Commercial construction often involves other trades, so it’s important to have experience working in difficult job site conditions. At Magnus R&S Air Conditioning LLC, we always fulfill our scheduling obligations, and we only request change orders when they are absolutely necessary.

Commercial HVAC Repair and Maintenance

Commercial HVAC equipment plays a critical role in a successful business, so it’s important to partner with an experienced HVAC company that will keep your cooling and heating system performing at peak efficiency. At Magnus R&S Air Conditioning LLC, our certified technicians have a deep understanding of commercial air conditioning concepts and techniques. They have the skill and training to deal with complex issues in situations where maintaining temperature and humidity levels are critical.

While a residential AC equipment breakdown can be inconvenient, the same type of malfunction in a commercial environment can be catastrophic. That’s why Magnus R&S Air Conditioning LLC provides 24/7 emergency service for critical situations and flexible maintenance plans.